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I'm a young art student with varied art styles who is constantly trying to improve in some kind of aspect. I am by no means a "professional" yet but I hope that one day I can make art at least a part time job.


That satisfying moment when your abusive ex step-dad is im jail.
I'm in online school now and it's kinda underwhelming ._. The only thing I have to do today is attend a live lesson with my science teacher. What do I do until then?
So excited! My art's going to be featured in the art show!
Hey guys some shitty theories here! These are going to be all over the place and will mainly focus on semblences, colors, and the characters they're based off of.

Ruby Rose - easy enough. Her semblence is speed and it leaves behind a trail of rose petals. Her name is that of a red gemstone. She wears a red hooded cape equaling her to Red Riding Hood.

Yang Xiao Long- Her name means "sun" in Chinese and her last name "Long" means "dragon" (also in Chinese). This could explain her semblence, which is getting stronger with each hit, and the fact that her eyes turn from purple to red when angry. She has long, curly hair equaling her Goldilocks.

Weiss Schnee- more theories for this girl. Her name means "white" in German and she is often referred to as the "ice queen". Her semblence is that of using glyph's to do anything from summon to make Ruby faster. Weiss is Snow White, evidence being her theme "Mirror, Mirror" and well, her name. During the RWBY: White trailer, we see Weiss singing in front of a crowd while (perhaps in her mind) fighting a large ice/stone golem. She is injured, clearly shown by a streak of blood on her left eye but she defeats the golem. Weiss has a scar on her left eye, probably from that fight with the golem and in Volume 3 when she finally is able to summon something, she summons the arm of that golem she fought in the trailer. 

Blake Belladonna - her name means "black" in Olde English. When using her semblence she can create clones of herself both with and without dust (during the fight on the train in Volume 2 Weiss gives Blake some dust and Blake uses it to make varying copies of herself). Blake is Belle from "Beauty and the Beast". 

Nora Valkyrie- Nora is an abbreviation of "Eleanora" which means light. Her semblence is super-charging her muscles with electricity. Nora has been seen using only a hammer for almost her entire time in the show (even making a watermelon hammer in the beginning of Volume 2) so it's pretty safe to say that she is a genderbend and is based off of Thor from Norse Polytheism.

Lie Ren (Ren)- His name can be translated to "lotus". His semblence is kind of unknown but he is based off of Mulan. I have maybe one or two theories about his semblence. His semblence could be stealth or maybe super-awareness. 

Jaune Arc- Juane is French for "yellow". Jaune hasn't been able to show off his semblence as he is still mastering his aura. Jaune is based off of Joan of Arc (Joan D' Arc) however so his semblence may have something to do with rallying of the people or being able to see the future (as Joan of Arc was said to be a witch who could see the future). Who knows, maybe it could be fire (Joan of Arc was burned at the stake).

Pyrrah Nikos- Pyrrah sounds like "fire" so I'm assuming her color is red or orange. Her semblence is polarity and she is said to use it very discreetly. She could be based off of Hercules or Achilles but I think she is based off of Achilles due to the fact that she was struck down by an arrow to the ankle in the finale of Volume 3 (just like Achilles).

So uh, fuck my life. Good bye.


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